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The HEARing Education and Research Network (HEARnet) provides information about hearing, hearing loss and hearing technology for the public, hearing healthcare and medical professionals, and researchers. It is presented such that users can readily understand and apply information in their everyday lives or clinical practices.

HEARnet’s content is specifically tailored for the needs of:

  • the general public and policy makers;
  • healthcare professionals (including GPs, audiologists/audiometrists and ENT surgeons); and
  • researchers working in the hearing field.

HEARnet aggregates information to promote the latest developments in hearing
health, research and technology in Australia and internationally. A key feature of the website is an interactive ear animation that explains different types of hearing loss, as well
as providing information and explanations on how the various hearing technologies work.

HEARnet also features a ‘Find a Hearing Clinic’ Page as well as a series of podcasts (called HEARcast) that profile common issues and the latest developments in hearing
health, technology and research.

For healthcare professionals and researchers, HEARnet has more detailed resources that can assist with their clinical and laboratory work such as guidelines, technical reports, fact sheets along with research presentations and posters.

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