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Jilin University training

Macquarie University provides training to staff from Jilin University, China

Left to right: Jiani Li (Audiological Technician) Philip Nakad (Audiology Manager), Yee-Foong Stone, (Clinical Education Manager),
Professor Li Lin (Otologist), Professor Catherine McMahon (Director of Audiology), Alisa Gourlie (Senior Clinical Educator),
Wang Yongtai (Audiological Technician)

In August, four staff from Jilin University, Changchun, China – two otologists and two audiological technicians – visited Macquarie University for three weeks to receive comprehensive training in standard adult assessment  and were certified upon successful completion of the program.  The training provided an opportunity to develop knowledge and clinical skills. 

The program was led by Phillip Nakad, Audiology Manager, MQ Health Speech & Hearing Clinic, and Alisa Gourlie, Senior Clinical Educator, with input from Yee-Foong Stone, Clinical Education Manager and Catherine McMahon, Director of Audiology.

This training will be followed up with onsite training from three  Macquarie University Clinical Educators in October, to scale this to the three comprehensive hospitals affiliated with Jilin University.

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