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Winners of the Hear For You Film Festival by deaf teenagers announced

“Most of the deaf and hard of hearing teenagers Hear For You mentors and supports have also been supported by Hearing Australia since they were young children,” says Mr Kim Terrell, Managing Director of Hearing Australia. “By working with Hear For You, together we can help teens develop important skills for life and to realise that their hearing loss need not be a barrier to achieving their goals.”

In 2018-19, Hearing Australia helped over 30,000 children and young adults by providing audiological services, hearing aid and cochlear implant support.1

“I’m proud that Hearing Australia is supporting Hear For You,” adds Mr Terrell, “Our partnership forms an integral part of the work we do with all of our partners to provide world leading research and hearing services for the wellbeing of all Australians.”



  1. Hearing Australia annual report data 2018-19
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Vicky Saunders-Flaherty

Communications Specialist

Hearing Australia


MOB: 0436 522 196

Kylie Browne

Communications & Online Projects Manager

Hear For You


MOB: 0409 153 635


About Hear for You

Hear For You, founded in 2008, is a registered NDIS provider of mentoring programs for deaf/hard of hearing teenagers. All our programs are of Australian Youth Mentoring standards and run by trained volunteer mentors who are also deaf or hard of hearing. Along with our deaf staff, we’ve been lucky to have over 90 deaf/hard of hearing volunteers on board as our mentors, including some of Australia’s best-known deaf young people. To date, we’ve run over 50 programs and workshops, helping equip over 500 teenagers with essential life and communication skills.

At Hear For You, we want every teenager to understand that life’s there for the taking – and that being deaf or hard of hearing doesn’t stop them from achieving their dreams. While we’ve helped many teenagers with their journeys, there are plenty more out there who may enjoy our programs (especially if they don’t know about us yet). So as far as we’re concerned, our journey at Hear For You has only just begun.

About Hearing Australia

Hearing Australia has been helping Australians rediscover the joy of sound for over 70 years. Its mission is to provide world leading research and hearing services for the wellbeing of all Australians. With its dedicated team, Hearing Australia is the nation’s largest provider of government-funded hearing services for children, young adults up to 26, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, pensioners and veterans.  With over 600 locations across the country, Hearing Australia is committed to delivering world leading hearing solutions and value to its clients, to government and to the communities it serves.


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