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Hearing Matters

Hearing Matters have settled into their new premises at the Australian Hearing Hub

After moving from Hillview Community Health Centre in February, Hearing Matters have settled into their new premises in Suite 600, Ground Floor of the Australian Hearing Hub.

We would encourage you to come and visit us or encourage your clients to pop in and say hello. If you are unaware of what we do here is a short snapshot:

Hearing is precious to life, helping us connect to the people we care about and the world in which we live. It is an important but understated part of how we socialise, work and communicate, and something we often take for granted until our hearing deteriorates.

Hearing loss is a journey that is often gradual, silent and invisible to others. Many people adapt and live with it, without ever seeking help. If they are tempted to reach out, the information from the hearing industry can be clinical, sales driven and challenging to understand. As a result, people are discouraged from persisting or taking further action, and miss out on the benefits they might have otherwise enjoyed.

That’s why Hearing Matters Australia (Formerly SHHH) was created. We are Australia’s go-to- destination for people with hearing loss and their families, providing information and support to live an improved quality of life.

We are passionate volunteers who bring real and lived experience to everything we say and do. We care about you and your hearing every step of the way, helping you to live a life with fewer limitations and greater possibilities.

We are open Monday – Friday, 10am-3pm and can be contacted on 02 9878 6089 or

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