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IToD Lecture Theatre

Itinerant Teachers of the Deaf – A Day at the AHH

IToD Lecture TheatreOn Friday 6 December, 125 Itinerant Teachers of the Deaf spent A Day at the Australian Hearing Hub. This full day workshop provided the ITODs with a chance to learn about the services, research and resources that are available by AHH member organisations.

The attendees received presentations from academics and clinicians from, Macquarie University Hearing, Hearing Australia, RIDBC, The Shepherd Centre, MQ Health Speech and Hearing Clinic, National Acoustic Laboratories, Child Language Lab, Centre for Emotional Health and Cochlear.

This event was a collaboration between the Australian Hearing Hub and the RIDBC Renwick Centre and was so warmly received that we are sure this will be the first of many such events in the future.

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