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Titia Benders

New ARC Discovery Project

Titia Benders


The Child Language Lab is thrilled to announce a new ARC funded Discovery Project led by Lab Deputy Director, Titia Benders, along with Lab Director, Katherine Demuth, and Nicole Altvater-Mackensen (Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz, Germany): ‘The perception/production link in child language’.


The project aims to uncover the connected perception and production processes that underpin the language challenges for children with hearing loss, focusing on speech patterns also found in younger normal-hearing toddlers, and using innovative technologies that can generalize to the clinical practice. The project outcomes will significantly advance theories of child language development, and promise to inform more accurate and better-targeted intervention for children with hearing loss, providing social benefit by improving their listening and speaking skills.

You can hear more about Titia’s research in this video:

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