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Itinerant Teacher of the Deaf – A Virtual Day at the AHH

Professor Greg Leigh opening the event
On Friday 9 December, over 100 Itinerant Teachers of the Deaf (IToD) spent A Virtual Day at the Australian Hearing Hub.
This full day workshop provided the ITODs with a chance to learn about the services, research and resources that are available from Australian Hearing Hub member organisations.
The attendees received presentations from a wide variety of experts across all the Australian Hearing Hub members organisations including Hearing Australia, National Acoustic Laboratories, The Shepherd Centre, NextSense, Macquarie University Hearing, and Cochlear Limited.
The presentation topics were selected based on the feedback from the audience at our 2021 event. Topics included

Comprehension of verbal irony by children with hearing loss
Hearing Australia and ITODs- working together
NALscribe: live captioning to improve speech understanding
Using Classroom Remote Microphones with Cochlear Sound Processors
Anechoic chamber demo – setting up a virtual acoustic environment
Acoustics in the classroom and children’s access to class discussion
Empowerment and Advocacy
Lochi study

This event was a collaboration between the Australian Hearing Hub and the NextSense Institution and was so warmly received that we are sure we will host a similar event again in 2023.

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