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Spain’s highest honour for hearing researcher

Hearing loss researcher Dr Joaquin Valderrama has been awarded Spain’s highest civil honour.
Left to right: Dr Ingrid Yeend (MU), [top] Ms Jermy Pang (NAL), [bottom] Dr Lyndal Carter (Cochlear), Dr Joaquin T. Valderrama (NAL, MU, UGR), Dr Paola Incerti (NAL), Dr Kiri Mealings (MU). MU: Macquarie University; NAL: National Acoustic Laboratories; UGR: University of Granada (Spain). Photography credit: Ronny Kurniawan Ibrahim.Dr Valderrama, was a Senior Research Scientist at National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) and has recently been appointed as an Honorary Research Fellow in Macquarie University’s Department of Linguistics, was recognised for his leadership of the not-for-profit association Spanish Researchers in Australia-Pacific from 2019-2021, and for sustaining a productive international research collaboration with Spain’s University of Granada.
Spanish Ambassador to Australia, Her Excellency Ms Alicia Moral Revilla, presented Dr Valderrama with the Knight’s Cross of the Royal Order of Isabella the Catholic during an event at the Australian Hearing Hub on 25 November 2022.
The Royal Order of Isabella the Catholic was first created in 1815 by King Ferdinand VII and is currently granted to individuals and institutions who promote international relationships between Spain and other nations. Knights and Dames of the Order are bestowed by King Felipe VI of Spain; recipients receive the official title of ‘His Lordship’ or ‘Her Ladyship’, and are allowed to add a golden heraldic mantle to their coat of arms.
Dr Valderrama has accepted a Maria Zambrano European Fellowship in order to continue his research into hidden hearing loss at the University of Granada, and he will retain his links to the University and NAL.

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