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Soundbites 2022 wrapped up with a finale panel discussion

Below is a full list of Soundbites 2022. We look forward to seeing you next year!

April 6th: Dr Brent Edwards on ‘To Fit or Not to Fit?’ View it here
May 26th: Dr Nicky Chong-White on Exploring Apple Airpods Pro. View it here
July 15th: Dr William Martens on Spatial Auditory Training for Aural Rehabilitation after Unilateral Hearing Loss (UHL). View it here
July 29th: Dr Joaquin Valderrama-Valenzuela on The Value of Apple AirPods Pro as Assistive Listening Devices. View it here

August 12th: Paola Incerti presented ‘Bimodal fitting revisited: How clinicians can integrate hearing aid optimisation methods into current clinical practice.’ View it here
August 26th: Paola Incerti presented ‘Patient empowerment along the hearing health journey: Implications for clients and clinicians’. View it here

September 16th: Padraig Kitterick presented ‘The science of clinical outcomes: Making informative and meaningful measurements’ in collaboration with Audiology Online. View here
September 22nd: Jorge Mejia presented ‘Real-world evaluation of over-the-counter hearing aids’. View here
October 14th: Joaquin Valderrama-Valenzuela presents ‘Clinical Diagnostic and Management of Early Signs of Hearing Loss’ in collaboration with Audiology Online. View it here
October 28th: Vicky Zhang presents ‘How well can people understand speech in video calls?’ View it here
December 2nd: Aboriginal Caregiver Perspectives on Supporting Children’s Hearing Health View it here

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